3D-Printed UA4C Speeduino Case


A fully populated 48 wire automotive wiring harness, pre-terminated and colour-coded for easy identification and referencing.

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This is a 3D-Printed UA4C Speeduino Case for the UA4C Sea Fox by WTMTronics. The cases give a more compact solution than the Hammond Case. For more information on the UA4C ECU, see this link to our overview article.

Printed in black PLA filament. (Not for engine bay use! Only under dash. PLA will not take the extreme temps in the engine bay.) This casing includes a detachable fitting for easy assembly of the MAP port, with a tight seal. This fitting is a vertical fixture to the SMD MAP sensor, which in turn gives a tight vacuum seal to the engine intake manifold for accurate readings with no leakage/bypass.It also includes a detachable cover for the Bluetooth (Serial 3) port, if your project uses it.

Mount these cases under the dashboard or inside the cabin! Do not mount in the engine bay!

Please note that 3D printing leaves layer lines. For a flat gloss surface, you can spray these parts with high-build primer, then sand them flat in stages from 600grit to 1200grit.

Note1: The 3D-Printed UA4C Speeduino Case are made to order. They take 1-2 days to print, and are shipped tracked and expedited via 3-5day international courier.

Note 2: Does not include an ECU! This shop item is for the CASE ONLY!

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 13 × 16 × 6 mm


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