BMW M50/52/54/S50/52 Header/Collector Manifold


BMW M50/52/54/S50/52 Turbo Manifold with T3 flange. 

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Product Description

BMW M50/52/54/S50/52 Header/Collector Manifold. A bolt-on, SG cast iron Header/Collector manifold for BMW M50/52/54 and S50/52 engines.

Designed with a T3 output flange. Comes with a T3 gasket, 4 nickel-coated studs and 4 copper nuts. Coated with three layers of black VHT paint. To bolt to your head, use an OEM or aftermarket gasket and the OEM studs and nuts.

This BMW M50/52/54/S50/52 Header/Collector Manifold is symmetric and reversible! Designed to provide a compact and easy solution to exhaust gas collection. Instead of welding up intricate angle-cut pipes, we suggest using one of these compact headers. Then just weld up your primary turbo inlet pipe and down-pipe. A neat solution which saves time and effort.

Do not run excessively high exhaust gas temperatures. Our manifolds are 5mm thick, but physics says that things WILL melt or crack if you go mad with the Exhaust Gas Temperatures.

Above all, this is an easy, bolt-on solution to save time on a build and to get you to the fun faster!

***CHECK FITMENT and clearance of the manifold in your bay by using the dimensioned drawing provided.***

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the product, or if you would like a manifold or part that we don’t currently provide, get in touch and let us know!

We can ship bulk castings, unmachined, in quantities of 30 or 60 units per pallet. Shipping cost per unit, as well as price per unit drops significantly. You would skim both flanges and drill/tap all holes yourself to our provided drawings. Send a mail to if you want to chat about bulk supply options.

SHIPPING: We are actively working to reduce shipping costs by adding distributors during 2021. These manifolds are heavy items, and Covid-19 is not helping with shipping rates. If you can arrange your own courier to collect at a cheaper rate, we are more than happy to arrange that with you.

Currently, all items ship from South Africa with delivery between 3-5 working days depending on your country’s customs clearance.

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Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 600 × 200 × 200 mm


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