UA4C vB1 Sea Fox – ECU Only


Imported from the US, the UA4C (Under Arduino 4 Channel) is a high-quality, open source Engine Control Unit (ECU) which runs on the Arduino Mega, powered by Speeduinofirmware, written by Josh Stewart.

The unit is programmed using TunerStudio software, over USB, with Windows 7, 8 or 10. No more antiquated DB9 Serial connectors and cables, with old software running on Windows 98 and XP!

16 x 16 3D fuel and ignition maps, with base of either TPS (Alpha-n) or MAP (Speed Density).

Supports up to 8 cylinders with 4 channels of fuel and 4 channels of ignition. 1, 2 (Even fire only), 3 and 4 cylinder engines with full sequential fuel and ignition. 6 (even fire only) and 8 cylinder engines are supported with wasted spark and 2 squirts per cycle. Rotaries are supported up to 2 rotors.

Click here for a full list of current features.

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– 4 ignition channels, logic 5V, 330mA max pulse
– 4 injector channels, ground switching
– 4 high current outputs (idle, idle2, boost, vvt) ground switching
– 8 low current outputs (fuel pump, tachometer, fan, fan2, aux1-4) ground switching
– Accepts DRV8825 module for stepper idle control


– 2 triggers (crank, cam, etc, logic level with socket for conditioner modules)
– MAP (250 or 400kPa) and separate barometer
– Voltage correction
– Throttle position
– Coolant and incoming air temperature
– Oxygen
– Flex fuel
– Launch
– Knock (future code update)
– 2 spare inputs


– Serial3 routed to external connector (optional CAN with future module)
– Bluetooth header with blocking diode to allow use of USB

NOTICE: This is an unofficial Speeduino board. Josh Stewart was very kind in adding a definition for this board to the Speeduino code. However, purchases of this board do not directly contribute to his upkeep and updates to the Speeduino software and website. PLEASE consider visiting Speeduino Forum and clicking Support Speeduino at the top.


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Dimensions 150 × 150 × 50 mm


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